Last Month HECPO Training

Always moving, learn and re-learn. I take that advise seriously.

Taking certification for Hostile Environment Close Protection (HECPO) / PSD with EBSSA International in Nis, Serbia is another new level of experienced and knowledge. With experienced Instructors from former Russian Special Forces, former French Foreign Legionnaire, former Spanish Navy sniper. Based on real situation in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Kosovo, Mexico, Chad etc.

Course Syllabus

The course covering team formation, convoy, learning how to conduct hostile close protection using soft shell vehicle or APC, tactical combat casualty, urban warfare, CQB, mountain recon and patrol with a lot of traps and a lot of BANG!. Shooting and destroying vehicles in cold Winter wind is satisfying hahaha…

Certification of HECPO Training

Certified as HECPO, acknowledged by NATO, EU (European Union) and several South American countries (Mexico & Venezuela).

My Hope

New phase, new adventure, new challenges, new year & wait for the call. Let’s begins….

In case you are interested on Komando Indonesia Executive Close Protection course please refer to our ECP page.

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